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Wind and Kite Surfing Olympic Wind Surfer Nick Dempsey in Cowes Harbour

Wind and Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is not permitted to be carried out within the Outer Fairway and Inner Harbour at Cowes, except within the dedicated Shrape Watersports Area which is shallow and safe, but can dry out at Low Water. It is ideal for novices and the area is next to East Cowes Esplanade and beach; very convenient for unloading and rigging. The area is only really suitable when the wind direction is west through to northeast.

Wind surfing is prohibited within the Outer Fairway and Inner Fairway north of No. 8 fairway buoy, which is located just to the south of Kingston Power Station. The Shrape Watersports Area is a great place for beginners. 

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