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Water Taxis

The most common landing places for getting ashore by RIB, tender, or water taxi are Town Quay in West Cowes and Gridiron in East Cowes, however other locations can be used.


• Additional safety measures are in place to protect the taxi operators and passengers.
• The water taxis will carry a maximum of four individual passengers or more if from a boat/social bubble group.
• The wearing of face masks for both coxswains and passengers is mandatory.
• Coxswains will, before embarking and after disembarking passengers, wipe down the hand rails with antiseptic and anti-viral gel.
• A limited supply of face masks will be carried onboard and sold to passengers @ £1.00 if required.
The Cowes Water Taxi service is by booking via phone or VHF. See contact details below.

To minimise the taxi operator's potential exposure to COVID-19, boats are requested to pick-up or drop off any additional crew at either Town Quay in West Cowes, or Gridiron in East Cowes. Larger boats only are permitted to pick-up and drop off crew at the outer pontoons at Shepards Marina. Your cooperation is appreciated. Thank you.

• Cowes Water Taxis Ltd 
Hours of operation from Monday 14th September to Sunday 4th October:
Monday to Friday: 11.00 to 16.00 hours* 
Saturday: 11.00 to 22.00 hours* 
Sunday: 11.00 to 16.00 hours*

Hours of operation from Monday 5th October until further notice: 
Monday to Friday: 11.00 to 16.00 hours* 
Saturday: 11.00 to 16.00 hours* 
Sunday: 11.00 to 15.00 hours*

*These hours can be extended if passenger numbers/traffic demands. Passengers should check with the duty water taxi operator to negotiate booking a return journey if requesting a water taxi after 1600 hours (Sunday to Friday).

VHF Channel 06
Tel: 07551 431993

Temporary water taxi tariffs:
Monday to Friday: a standard charge of £10 return applies.
• Saturday and Sunday: rates are as per Zones and tables shown below.
• NOTE - the water taxi is not servicing moorings north of Watch House Slip at this present time.

Cowes Water Taxis
Single fares only (see zoning diagram)
Sat & Sun
Zone A: Cowes Breakwater to Floating Bridge
Zone B: Floating Bridge to East Cowes Marina
Zone C: East Cowes Marina to G & J Pontoons Folly Reach
Fares 2020
Travel in 1 Zone£3.00 single
Travel in 2 Zones£3.00 single
Travel in 3 Zones£4.00 single
Children under 5 free & Children under 13 half price 
Out-of-hours service by negotiation and pre-booking 

Cowes Water Taxis zoning diagram
Cowes Water Taxis zoning diagram

Cowes Water Taxis - Fares 2020
FOLLY REACH - from Folly Pontoon North to:
Sat & Sun
Visitors Pontoon £3.00
A & D Pontoons £4.50
B & E Pontoons£5.00
C & F Pontoons£5.50
Medham Moorings£6.00
G Pontoon£7.00
J Pontoon£8.00

Cowes Water Taxis - Fares 2020
FOLLY REACH - from Folly Pontoon South to:
Single Return
Sat & Sun
North of Folly Light
South of Folly Light
Island Harbour marina£4.00
Town Quay / East Cowes Marina to Folly
* Note minimum fare after 2200hrs is £15.00

• Folly Waterbus
Folly Inn to Cowes or Newport.
VHF Channel 77
Tel: 07974 864627

• Folly Launch
Folly Reach Moorings to Folly Inn.
VHF Channel 72
Tel: 07884 400046

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