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Vessel Hire Rates for Cowes Harbour Services commercial vessels

Vessel Hire Rates

Cowes Harbour Services has a variety of harbour launches available for hire with a fully qualified coxswain.

Both our RIBs are ideal for fast escort, patrol, observation, or filming operations. HM1 is a heavy duty 9m aluminium jet RIB, featuring a 4.55m2 flush deck with a track system, capable of towing & pushing small vessels. HM2 is a 10m RIB with a 225hp inboard diesel engine, ideal for towing small vessels.

Two 21ft ‘Duver’, cabin boats, are suitable for local charter, carrying out surveys, patrol work or even harbour tours.

Vessel Hire / Charter & Coxswain 2021 Rates Duration
HM RIB and Coxswain £113.00 per hour
HM RIB plus Coxswain and Crew £132.00 per hour
HM Duver and Coxswain£73.00per hour
HM Duver plus Coxswain and Crew£94.00per hour
(Minimum one hour hire or charter.)

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