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Visiting ship at Trinity Landing in Cowes Harbour

Trinity Landing

Trinity Landing, located just inside the entrance to Cowes Harbour, provides walk-ashore access to The Parade in the heart of Cowes. It is often used by vessels of interest, such as tall ships and superyachts, and as a passenger landing point for visiting cruise ships, which may anchor in Cowes Roads.

The fairway side of the Trinity Landing pontoons is used for berthing larger vessels, generally over 30m, due to the wash that can be experienced from passing vessels. Smaller vessels may use the outside of Trinity Landing as a pick-up and drop-off facility, but vessels must not be left unattended. Smaller craft may berth on the inside of the southern section only, and all vessels are to ensure that adequate fenders are positioned. Three-phase electricity is installed on Trinity Landing.

Trinity Landing during the RYS Bicentenary celebrations 2015

Vessels wishing to berth at Trinity Landing are to request permission from the duty Berthing Master, call sign ‘HM1’ on VHF Channel 69. Both water and metered electricity are available.

A hundred metres to the south of Trinity Landing is the Watch House Beacon where a tide gauge is located giving the depth of water above chart datum.

Duration 2022 Rates Unit
Overnight £2.50 per metre
Short Stay £1.50 per metre

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