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The Harbour Patrol Team

The Harbour Patrol Team

The Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) Patrol Officers operate out of Shepards Marina. They are a common sight on the River Medina and all around the harbour and can be contacted on VHF Channel 69 call sign ‘HM1’.

The harbour is divided into zones to ensure there is always a Patrol Officer nearby.

CHC operates four patrol vessels:
HM1 is a 9m aluminium jet RIB;
HM2 is a 10m RIB;
• Two white 21ft Duver workboats.

The primary function of the Patrol Officers is to enforce the Cowes Harbour General Directions through education as a first step, and in particular the rules on speeding and wash. Body Worn Cameras are used by Patrol Officers when required, backed up by instant access to the harbour-wide CCTV system. CHC Patrol Officers also work closely with the Hampshire Police Marine Support Unit.

The Patrol Officers are equipped to collect mooring fees from visitors. Any of our Patrol Officers will be more than happy to assist you so that you get the most out of your stay in Cowes but if necessary, will also not shy away from pointing out the error of your ways!

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