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Cowes Harbour Commission Strategic Plan 2016-2021 Mid-Term Review

Strategic Plan

In May 2022 Cowes Harbour Commission published the five-year strategy for the period 2022-2027.

This is a management and development plan, developed by Cowes Harbour Commission’s board of commissioners and the senior leadership team.

You can view, read, and print out pages from the digital version of the Strategic Plan below, or view and download as a pdf.


Cowes Harbour Commission exists to maintain a thriving port that is fit for the future.

The Commission will conduct its business in accordance with the following values:
◾ Safety First
◾ Kindness and Consideration
◾ Integrity
◾ Agility
◾ Collaboration
◾ Innovation
◾ Sustainability

In five years, Cowes Harbour Commission will ensure that:
◾ Cowes is a safe and busy harbour
◾ Cowes is a destination of choice
◾ We are a valued employer
◾ We are a respected service provider
◾ We are trusted and valued by stakeholders
◾ Cowes is a port that 'does it properly'

Cowes Harbour Commission will:
◾ Manage the Harbour in accordance with the principles in the DfT’s Ports Good Governance Guidance document.
◾ Promote and deliver a safety-first culture ensuring the highest standards in health and safety for our employees and Harbour users whilst complying fully with the Port Marine Safety Code.
◾ Commit to the sustainable management and conservation of the harbour, estuary and local environment.
◾ Promote and deliver sustainable Harbour development policies to safeguard and support new and existing business services, investment and employment.
◾ Ensure that commercial and financial management is robust and market-led to enable us to deliver our statutory duties, strategic objectives and to fund Harbour improvements.
◾ Create long-term value by aligning our business development activities, key stakeholder relationships and communications strategy with our strategic goals.
◾ Support and maximise the potential of our employees by implementing policies and procedures that align with our strategic goals and address the needs of our employees
and the Harbour.
◾ Continue to communicate and engage with key stakeholders on the strategic development of the Harbour.
◾ Support and develop marine employment. 

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