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Cowes Harbour Commission Strategic Plan 2016-2021 Mid-Term Review

Strategic Plan

In September 2019, Cowes Harbour Commission completed a Mid-Term Review of the Strategic Plan 2016- 2021.

The Strategic Plan sets out CHC’s positive vision for the future development and management of Cowes Harbour. The plan outlines the Commission’s strategic and guiding policies and objectives together with timelines that will help deliver the plan and CHC’s vision for Cowes Harbour.

Download a PDF of the Strategic Plan Mid-Term Review Summary

Download a PDF of the full CHC Strategic Plan 2016-2021 - Mid-Term Review 2019

• You can view, read, and print out pages from the digital version of the Strategic Plan below.

CHC STRATEGIC PLAN 2016-2021: Mid-Term Review 2019

Cowes Harbour and the River Medina to fulfil their potential in delivering first-class port facilities and leisure services and by acting as the main transport and shipping gateway supporting the Island’s economy and employment.

Cowes Harbour Commission will manage the harbour, its safety and sustainable improvement and deliver the Commission’s strategic objectives.

Overriding Objective: 
Promote and deliver a safety first culture and manage enforcement responsibilities.

1. Following completion of the Cowes Breakwater and Eastern Channel dredge, continue to support opportunities created by the more sheltered harbour in conjunction with government agencies, town councils and the Isle of Wight Council.

2. Engage with the Isle of Wight Council and partners where appropriate in the strategic planning for Cowes Harbour and the Medina Valley to future- proof the port’s infrastructure, marine services, and employment.

3. Deliver a new cost-effective Medina Estuary Sustainable Maintenance Dredging Management Plan by 2021 in partnership with stakeholders.

4. Continue investment into marine based services and harbour facilities.

5. Manage our income and asset base to support the delivery of statutory duties and strategic objectives to fund harbour improvements.

6. Support sustainable development and conservation of the harbour and marine environment.

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