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Stakeholder Benefits and stakeholder dividend projects by Cowes Harbour Commission

Stakeholder Benefits

As a Trust Port, Cowes Harbour is run for the benefit of the port’s stakeholders. In accordance with the Department for Transport’s document Ports Good Governance Guidance, Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) is required to be self-funding and is encouraged to run the port as a commercial business in order to generate a financial surplus. CHC is obliged to use the profits to support the long-term viability of the port and for the benefit of its stakeholders.

It is CHC’s duty to consult the Harbour Advisory Committee on the delivery of all stakeholder benefit investments. The Commission has to strike a balance that respects the interests of all stakeholders, in the light of the port’s objectives, including its commercial considerations, and what constitutes the ‘common good’ for all stakeholders (current and future) and the port itself.

Detailed information regarding stakeholder dividend projects can be found in the Annual Report.

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