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Solent Racing Marks, race mark buoys for yacht racing in the Solent, Isle of Wight

Solent Racing Marks

The Solent Cruising and Racing Association (SCRA) publishes a list of over 150 of the main racing marks in the Solent area; each mark is described by a code comprising two characters - either two digits or one digit and one letter. 

Solent marks - name changes for 2021
There are some changes to the Solent Marks list for 2021, including two new marks, name changes for a number of the existing marks and a reorganisation of zones 8 and 9.
Solent area mark changes 2021

Solent mark designations 2021
Solent area mark codes

Racing charts for the Solent and a GPS-friendly version of the marks list are available on the SCRA website.

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