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Solent Racing Marks, race mark buoys for yacht racing in the Solent, Isle of Wight

Solent Racing Marks

The Solent Cruising and Racing Association (SCRA) publishes a list of some 150 of the main racing marks in the Solent area. The 2018 racing mark codes and symbols lists are now available, see below.

SCRA publishes a list of over 150 Solent area marks, including the large majority of those that are commonly used. Each mark is described by a code comprising two characters, either two digits or one digit and one letter. The list is recommended for use by clubs and race organisers where courses are given on the radio, and may be used for course boards if desired.

There are several changes to the list of Solent Marks for 2018, including two new marks, name changes for a number of the existing marks and a reorganisation of zones 8 and 9. Please refer to the document below:

• Solent Mark Designations and changes for 2018

Also available to download are racing charts for the Solent (not to be used for navigation), which show the racing marks:

Central Solent Racing Chart

East/West Solent Racing Chart

The SCRA also produces an interactive chart showing all of the Solent Racing Marks together with their latitude and longitudes. The chart has a "course setting mode", which will allow you to plot a course and view distances and bearing between marks.

Go to the SCRA interactive chart

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