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Salvage and Towage holed yacht in slings with airbags at Kingston

Salvage and Towage

Cowes Harbour Services are often the ‘first responders’ when a vessel runs into trouble, loses its engine, when the rig comes down, or unfortunately, sinks. We also have access to and are used to working with all the local contractors and emergency services.

Seaclear salvage operations for Kahu superyacht

In November 2013, all our vessels were involved in the salvage operation after the 70 foot motor vessel, Kahu, caught fire and subsequently sank in the harbour. In addition to the immediate response from all vessels to the incident and the deployment of oil spill booms, Multi-Cat Seaclear was on-site for a further week and utilised as a works platform for the divers and lift team.

However, most local incidents are on a much smaller scale than the Kahu incident and our approach is always tailored to the specific requirements of any given situation:
  • The small motorboat, shown below left, was run up the Brambles Bank in the middle of the Solent by its owner and retrieved by Cowes Harbour Commission's Berthing Masters team. The vessel was then salvaged with the aid of Seaclear's 30 tonne/metre Hiab crane.
  • The holed yacht, shown below right, was lifted out by the Cowes Harbour Services 40 tonne Wise Hoist, after being involved in a collision during the Round the Island Race.
Motorboat salvaged by SeaclearYacht in Kingston hoist after being holed in Round the Island Race

In the case of the salvage of the dayboats which sank in an unusual northeasterly gale, a more controlled approach was required as the vessels, though sunk, were largely undamaged and needed salvaging intact.  On this occasion Seamark was used as a versatile and smaller craft. MMC Divers (shown below) fitted airbags to a twin longitudinal beam system and once awash, the day boats were towed, also by Seamark, to Cowes Harbour Shepards Marina for pumping dry.

Dayboat retrieval with MMC Divers

Cowes Harbour Services have also been involved in the salvage of other dayboats and cruisers, including Redwings, Victorys, Sonars (shown below) and vessels belonging to local, River Medina mooring holders.

Seaclear salvages ISC Sonar dayboat

Both our working vessels, Seaclear and Seamark are also often engaged on local towing charters, usually either in times of emergency or for the purposes of pontoon maintenance and delivery.

Seamark towing Vikoma inflatableSeamark towing Trinity Landing pontoon section

If you think we can help you with any salvage or towage projects, or you would like further information, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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