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Radio Communications

Radio Communications

The Cowes Harbour Master afloat maintains a listening watch on VHF Channel 69 from 0800 - 1800, extending to 0800 - 1900 during British Summer Time (BST). Hours may be extended at weekends in the summer. Call sign ‘HM1’. Safety information and berthing advice is available on request.

When navigating in and around Cowes Harbour, vessels over 20m must, and all vessels are strongly recommended to, maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 69.

All vessels of 20m LOA and above must give notice of their intentions on VHF Channel 69 to ‘All ships in Cowes Harbour’  as well as giving adequate notice to the Cowes Chain Ferry of your intention to pass if applicable as follows:

• Prior to entering the Outer Harbour.
• 250m north of Cowes Chain Ferry (at Shepards  Marina).
• Folly Inn (vessels bound for Newport).

• Folly Inn.
• Kingston Wharf.
• 250m south of Cowes Chain Ferry (at Cowes Harbour Services Fuel Berth).

The call shall give the following information:
• Vessel's name.
• Vessel's position.
• Intention

The Chain Ferry has right of way over all river traffic, however, any vessel requiring an unimpeded passage is required to establish early contact minimum 5 minutes (call sign ‘Cowes Chain Ferry’) and agree on VHF Channel 69 which side the Chain Ferry will hold for your passage. Between midnight and 0500 when out of service a minimum of 10 minutes notice shall be given to enable them to start their engines and clear the fairway.

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