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Cowes Outer Harbour Project - Isle of Wight

Outer Harbour Project Documents

Project technical documents
Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) has published the technical, supporting, and reference documents relating to the Cowes Breakwater and Outer Harbour Project in this section.

2017 Documents
• Cowes Outer Breakwater Scheme Tests March 2017 (ABPmer)

2016 Documents
• Cowes Wave Disturbance December 2016 (ABPmer)
Optimised design layout for OHP Phases 2 and 3 - Eastern Channel dredge and Shrape Breakwater extension

2016 Review
Cowes Outer Harbour Project Review 2016 - Executive Summary (CHC)
• Cowes Outer Harbour Project Presentation 19th May 2016 (CHC)
• Cowes Outer Harbour Project Presentation 19th May 2016 (ABPmer)
• Video animations from the Cowes OHP Presentation 19th May 2016 - see below (ABPmer)
• Cowes Outer Breakwater Hydrodynamic Regime 2005 and 2014 (ABPmer)
• Regional model calibration report (ABPmer)
• Local model calibration report (ABPmer)
• Optimised scheme – modelling report (ABPmer)
• Cowes Harbour - Flow Modelling Review December 2015 (HR Wallingford)
• Cowes Harbour - Summary Review of Sediment Transport Modelling May 2016 (HR Wallingford)

2015 Review
• Cowes Breakwater Project Review Report - Executive Summary
• Cowes Outer Harbour Sedimentation Review

Cowes Breakwater Project Display Boards - The vision for Cowes Harbour
Visuals of the Cowes Breakwater

Homes and Communities Agency - ARUP Breakwater Business Case

Cowes Breakwater Project Leaflet - Protecting Our Future

Modelling of an Additional Breakwater and Marina - Cowes Harbour: Supplementary Report for Modelling of Layout 6
East Cowes Outer Breakwater & Marina Visual Impact Assessment
Cowes Outer Harbour Project Environmental Impact Assessment
Cowes Outer Harbour Environmental Impact Assessment - Non Technical Summary
Cowes Outer Harbour Project - Existing Harbour Layout
Cowes Harbour Commission Application for Works / Dredging License 2009 - Supporting Notes

Modelling of an Additional Breakwater and Shrape Marina - Cowes Harbour

Marine Impact Assessment Tools - Medina Estuary Scheme Testing

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