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May 2016 CHC Newsletter

May 2016 CHC Newsletter

26 May 2016
"At our public meeting on the Cowes Outer Harbour Project (OHP) last week, we reported on the many hundreds of man-hours that have been put into research, reports and peer reviews since last summer," writes Capt. Stuart McIntosh.

"There is a considerable amount of detailed information now available on our website, however, the CHC and ABPmer presentations provide a summary overview, and I recommend that interested harbour users should view these first. Further supporting detailed information is contained within the reports, also published online.

"Leisure and commercial users, may find ABPmer's video animations of tidal flows of particular interest, like I do. These tidal simulations are taken from the new, powerful hydrodynamic model and illustrate tidal patterns in and around Cowes Harbour and the adjacent waters of the Solent."

Read more in the May 2016 CHC Newsletter, including an article on the West Wight Coastal Flood and Erosion Risk Management Strategy and other news.

May 2016 CHC Newsletter

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