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International Recreational Vessel Arrivals
15 December 2020

Local Notice to Mariners No. 26(T) of 2020 is hereby cancelled

Notice is hereby given that at the request of the UK Government, mariners’ attention is drawn to the following new guidance for those arriving at UK ports on recreational vessels from overseas.

From 15th December 2020, a Test to Release for International Travel scheme is available for people who need to self-isolate on arrival in England. Under the scheme, you can choose to pay for a private COVID-19 test. If the result is negative, you can stop self-isolating. The earliest the test can be taken is 5 full days after departure from a place not on the travel corridor list. The scheme is voluntary and applies to those self-isolating in England only. Click here for details of the scheme.

If you do not want to opt into the Test to Release scheme, you will need to self-isolate until 10 full days have passed since were last in a place not on the travel corridors list. This self-isolation can be completed within their vessel if arrivals choose to do so. These rules apply to both UK residents and visitors.

Since 10th July 2020, self-isolation is not required when you arrive in England, if you are returning from one of the countries for which a travel corridor exemption has been established.

For full details of the travel corridor exemptions please see the Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19): travel corridors website.

All international recreational maritime vessels arriving in the UK, apart from those travelling from the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man (the Common Travel Area/CTA), must also complete a mandatory Passenger Locator Form. The form can be found online at the Governments Provide your journey and contact details before you travel to the UK website.

The form collects information such as contact details, travel plans and address while in the UK, applicable details for their inbound travel and passport number, so that if individuals come into contact with someone who has COVID-19 whilst travelling they can be quickly identified.

For further information on travel to the UK please visit the Governments Coronavirus (COVID-19): how to self-isolate when you travel to the UK website.

This Local Notice to Mariners shall remain in force until further notice.

• LNTM 37(T) of 2020 - International Recreational Vessel Arrivals

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