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Current Local Notices to Mariners in Force
02 January 2020

(This notice replaces Local Notice to Mariners 01 of 2019, which is hereby cancelled)

A comprehensive list of all active CHC LNTMs is provided below.

LNTM Summary
02/2016 Movement of Vessels Approaching Town Quay and Jubilee Pontoon
04/2016 High Speed Passenger Vessels to Display Identification Lights
05/2016Passenger Carrying Pleasure Vessels and Vessels Operating Within the Port
06/2016Prevention of Pollution and Reception Facilities for Ship Generated Waste
08/2016Reporting Damage, Incidents and Potential Risk
10/2016Navigation in the Approaches to Cowes: Port of Southampton Precautionary Area
11/2016Diving Regulations 1997 and Commercial Operations Involving ‘Swimmers’
12/2016Use of ‘Kill Cords’ On-Board Powered Craft
14/2016VHF Radio Communications within Cowes Harbour
15/2016Cowes Chain Ferry
16/2016Marking of Fishing Gear within Cowes Harbour Limits
46/2016Shrape Watersports Area
61/2016Cowes – Changes to Advertised Tidal Predictions
02/2017Dangerous Goods in Harbour Areas Regulations 2016
03/2017Reports of Oil Pollution in Cowes Harbour
04/2017The Merchant Shipping (Reporting Requirements for Ships Carrying Dangerous or Polluting Goods) Regulations 1999 (As Amended)
19/2017Use of CCTV and Video Images for Safety and Security
02/2018Risk Assessment of Recreational Events
05/2018Safety of Navigation within Cowes Harbour
06/2018Tidal Flows in Cowes Harbour
13/2018Revised Set Of General Directions Come Into Force On 1st July 2018
14/2018Speed Limit and Wash in Cowes
10/2019Dredged Eastern Channel
11/2019Cowes Chain Ferry – Safety advice
12/2019Vessel Movements in Restricted Visibility within Cowes Harbour
14/2019ISSUE OF TEMPORARY GENERAL DIRECTION 3.18.4 (T) 07th May 2019
16/2019Cowes Harbour Inner Fairway Precautionary Areas
18(T)/2019Snowden Special Mark Light Unreliable
30/2019Essential Safety Information
39(T)/2019Special Mark Navigation Buoy Position
41(T)/2019Folly Pontoon B North End Upper Light Extinguished
42(T)/2019Chain Ferry Pontoon Lower Light Extinguished

Table 1: These Notices can be viewed in full on the Cowes Harbour Commission website.

LNTM's 24(T)/2016, 23(T)/2017 and 01/2019 are hereby cancelled.

This Local Notice to Mariners will remain active until further notice.

• LNTM 01 of 2020 - Current Local Notices to Mariners in Force

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