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Red Jet 7 manoeuvring at Town Quay - Credit Red Funnel

Inner Fairway Precautionary Areas

There are two Precautionary Areas in the Inner Fairway at Cowes Harbour. 

Red Jet Turning & Eastern Channel Traffic Convergence Area
Upon arrival in Cowes, the Red Jet High Speed passenger ferry executes a 180º turn prior to berthing alongside Jubilee Pontoon at Town Quay in Cowes. Significant wash is generated at the stern of the Red Jet during this manoeuvre.

Red Jet turning
Red Jet turning 180º prior to berthing at Town Quay in Cowes

Additionally, craft using the Cowes Harbour Eastern Channel will be merging into or diverging out of the main channel (Inner Fairway) in this area.

Red Funnel Vehicle & Freight Ferry Berthing Area
The new Red Funnel freight ferry will be manoeuvring between the linkspan at the existing East Cowes Red Funnel Terminal berth and the new lay-by berth and vice-versa to allow safe access and egress for the Red Funnel vehicle ferry.

Red Funnel freight ferry
Red Funnel freight ferry navigating in the Inner Fairway

Red Funnel freight ferry in lay-by berth and vehicle ferry at East Cowes Terminal berth
Red Funnel freight ferry in lay-by berth and vehicle ferry at East Cowes Terminal berth

Harbour users should navigate with particular caution in and around these two Precautionary Areas and vessels must not impede the safe passage of the ferries.

Inner Fairway Precautionary Areas
Inner Fairway Precautionary Areas are highlighted on diagram with yellow warning triangles. Download a PDF of diagram.

Please note, it is strongly recommended that all vessels maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 69 in the vicinity of the Inner Fairway Precautionary Areas.

Top photo: Red Jet 7 manoeuvring at Town Quay © Red Funnel. 

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