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Fuel Berth

Cowes Harbour Services Fuel Berth is a deep draught fuel pontoon situated 200 metres south of the Chain Ferry on the west side of the River Medina and supplies marine fuels, gas and lubricating oils to the commercial and leisure users in the Solent. Automatic declaration facility available. The Fuel Berth supplies Ultra Low Sulphur diesel fuel free from any biodiesel.

Fuel Berth Opening Hours
July, August, September 
Monday to Sunday0900-1700
October to June (excluding Christmas & New Year) 
Monday to Sunday1000-1600
If a reasonable quantity of fuel (1000+ litres) is required after the normal closing time you may request a delivery by calling the fuel berth in advance on 01983 200716.
A red and yellow OPEN flag is flown during opening hours.

Current Fuel Prices
Marine Fuel (per litre)
Diesel - Commercial £1.47
Diesel at 60/40 - Propulsion/Domestic £1.74
Petrol (E10 only) £2.08
Discounts available on diesel: 2ppl at 500 litres and 3ppl at 1,000 litres.
Various propulsion/domestic splits available.

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