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Sustainability and Conservation


Cowes Harbour sits within the lower reaches of the Medina Estuary and surrounding coastline. Its location is one of its greatest assets, combining essential quayside access and vibrant marinas with its enviable position in the Solent and natural beauty upstream. The environment underpins the purpose and success of Cowes Harbour and is an asset that requires care and consideration in the management of every aspect of CHC’s business and activities.

CHC’s jurisdiction extends from the Prince Consort north cardinal buoy in the Outer Harbour and down the Medina Estuary as far as the Folly. The whole area is designated and protected for the quality of its natural coastal habitats and forms part of a larger network of sites made up of key features in and around the Solent. CHC has responsibilities for management of the designated sites as well as its duties as a trust port and harbour authority.

The pages in this section provide useful information about key documents, our environmental responsibilities, and the wildlife of this beautiful estuary.

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