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Cowes Week 2019

Cowes Week

Cowes Week takes place on Saturday 30 July to Friday 5 August 2022.

The regatta offers a great mix of competitive sailing and social activities. Competitors range from weekend sailors to world class professionals.

Cowes Harbour Shepards Marina, moorings are available and must be booked in advance. Vessels are rafted with water and electricity, subject to availability.  

Whitegates River Pontoons available to be booked in advance; vessels are berthed in rafts on the fairway side of the visitor pontoons only. 

Note: Cowes Week is one of the busiest weeks of the year and as such vessels may be rafted up to six deep without exception at Shepards Marina and Whitegates River Pontoons.

Cruiser Class Event Swinging Moorings available to the west of the fairway off The Green and to the east of the fairway in Cowes Roads. Suitable for vessels up to 25 metres in length.

Day Class Swinging Moorings - vessels under 8 metres in length can be accommodated on the day class swinging moorings laid to the north of the Cowes Breakwater. Up to 200 moorings are laid to meet the demand. Applications should be made through your class secretary.

Cowes Week 2022 berthing prices:

Location Duration2022 Rates Unit
Shepards Marina - full 8 night package8 nights £37.44pm
Shepards Marina - part week per nightper night£5.20pm
Whitegates River Pontoons - full 8 night package 8 nights
£28.08 pm
Whitegates River Pontoons - part week, per night
per night£3.90pm
Cruiser Class Swinging Moorings: M row west - full 8 night package 8 nights
£28.08 pm 
Cruiser Class Swinging Moorings: M row west - part week, per nightper night£3.90pm
Cruiser Class Swinging Moorings: J row east - full 8 night package 8 nights
Cruiser Class Swinging Moorings: J row east - part week, per night
per night£3.90pm
Trinity Landing - full 8 night package8 nights£37.44pm
Trinity Landing - part week, per night
per night£5.20pm
Day Class Swinging Moorings: Please make your application via the Class Secretary - full 8 night package8 nights£29.84pm
RIB carousel - located opposite Shepards Marina (not walk ashore)per day £4.00pm

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