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Cowes Weather Station

The Cowes Weather Station delivers tide and weather data for the benefit of leisure and commercial harbour users.

• Tide height and visibility - a fixed weather station at Shepards Marina.
• Wind speed and direction, temperature, and barometric pressure – a floating weather station in the main harbour.

NOTE: This information is for guidance ONLY and not to be solely relied upon. To be used in conjunction with other meteorological and tidal information. Cowes Harbour Commission accepts no responsibility for inaccurate data.

Cowes Weather Station Data

Speed: 12.1 kn
Direction: 90.7° E
Gusts: 13.4 kn
17/05/22 11:45
Tide Height
4.22 m
17/05/22 11:45

16.2 °C
17/05/22 11:45

10.80 nm
17/05/22 11:45

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