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Boatyard Service Request

Please fill in the form below so we can look after your request as efficiently as possible. Give as many details about your boat as you can, because this may affect timescales, where we can put you in the yard, and preparations for your arrival. If you are a returning customer we will have your information on file.

Yard Dates

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Services Required

  Berth on Arrival
  Berth on Departure
  Vessel Collection
  Metered Electricity
  Vessel Return
  Workshop Storage
  Crane Services
  Mast Storage
  Boat Store

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How can we help you:

We reserve the right to refuse a service request upon visual inspection of vessel.
Large sailing vessels may need to remove forestay, backstay, radar posts etc.; please consult in advance if unsure.
No headsails are to be left on the forestay whilst ashore.
Please leave us your keys if you will not be here for lift or launch.
No mast climbing whilst ashore.
Please inform the yard staff before running your engine.
Do not move props or adjust cradles.
If you are going to be dry sanding, fibreglass grinding, doing hot works, grit blasting etc., let us know before arrival as you may need to be in a special area and there may be a moving charge.


Prior to lifting, you must ensure you have supplied us with all necessary information to enable safe lifting procedures with your vessel. You must indicate the correct positions for slinging your vessel / the manufacturer’s recommended lifting marks, supply the previous lift plan, and details on any boat modifications e.g. folding props.

Signing this form indicates:
You understand our Terms and Conditions
You are happy that you have indicated the correct positions for slinging your vessel.
You recognise that although the yard will make every effort to meet your expectations; lift, service and launch dates may be affected by circumstances beyond our control.

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