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Cowes Harbour General Directions Chapter 8 Miscellaneous

Chapter 8: Miscellaneous

8.1. Obstruction of officers: Pursuant to paragraph/section 25 of the HRO - Any person shall commit an offence under these Directions who:

8.1.1. intentionally obstructs or threatens an officer of the Commissioners acting in pursuance of this Order or in pursuance of any General Direction, Special Direction or requirement made or given by the Commissioners; or

8.1.2. without reasonable excuse fails to comply with a requirement properly made by such an officer; or

8.1.3. without reasonable excuse fails to give such an officer any information (including his name and address) which the officer may require for the purpose of the performance of the officer’s functions,

8.2. Falsifying information - Any person who in giving such information makes a statement which that person knows to be false shall be guilty of an offence.

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