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Chandlery shop at Cowes Harbour Services Boatyard


The Cowes Harbour Services Boatyard chandlery is a small onsite facility providing most of your daily boat maintenance needs. 

We have stocks of, or can supply most major brands of: 

  • Antifoul paints – International, Blakes, Jotun
  • Marine and commercial oil and greases
  • Anodes, shaft, button, hull, trim tab

We also have good supplies of essential consumables on the shelf: 

  • Brushes
  • Paint trays and rollers
  • Disposable gloves
  • Cleaners, cutting compound and polish  

The chandlery is open Mondays to Fridays in the winter and Saturday mornings in the summer; at busy times you may have to track us down in the yard but we are always happy to open up! 

We are happy to accommodate your needs, whatever jobs you are undertaking whilst here at the Boatyard. Please make sure that you take advantage of our chandlery order service when you return your Service Request and we can have your stores waiting!

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