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Cowes Harbour Commission Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Cowes Harbour Commissioners are committed to seeking guidance from an Advisory Committee that has been appointed by the Board to represent the beneficiaries and stakeholders of Cowes Harbour.

The Cowes Harbour Advisory Committee (CHAC) is a key part of good governance, enabling stakeholders to bring ideas as well as concerns to the attention of Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC), and assisting the flow of information to the Cowes community. In particular, the Advisory Committee is consulted on all matters substantially affecting the management, maintenance, improvement, conservation, protection, or regulation of Cowes Harbour and its navigation.

The Advisory Committee is made up of a number of members from key stakeholder organisations, with a self-appointed Chairman. The composition of the Advisory Committee is decided by Committee members, with reference to their constituent bodies, and is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it reflects the community which the Commission serves.

The Advisory Committee meets several times a year, and aims to provide an effective two-way communication mechanism between the Harbour Commission and its key stakeholders and harbour users.

As a forum for collecting updates, news and developments from the Commission that impact on and affect harbour and river users in Cowes, the Advisory Committee performs an essential role, distributing information so that stakeholders are kept up-to-date and have an opportunity to ask questions and have their views represented to the Commission.

The Advisory Committee meetings enable CHAC members to comment on proposed changes in the operation of the harbour, and to suggest ideas for improvements or raise issues of concern. Recent items on the agenda have included: the next phases of the Outer Harbour Project (Shrape extension and Eastern Channel dredge), the planned Victoria Quay marina and East Cowes development, the proposed Medina Yard development, harbour safety, water taxi services, harbour maintenance dredging, a Committee Boat for Cowes, and the new Destination Cowes partnership. Equally, the Advisory Committee meetings provide an opportunity for the Commission to share information on new projects with the CHAC stakeholder representatives.

Advisory Committee members remain in post for two, three-year terms, and vacancies will be coming up for new members to join. If you are interested in getting involved, contact the Advisory Committee direct at or via the Harbour Office, Tel: 01983 293952. 

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