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Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

01 October 2021
The weather over the past few days has given us a reminder that winter is on its way.  It’s time to make plans for what you are doing with your boat now the season is all but over.  You may want to leave it out in the river.  Alternatively, you know what you are doing but fancy a change on who does it for you.  Or maybe you’re thinking of bringing it into the safety of the marina.  Better be quick for that, though, as Shepards Marina is almost full for the winter already. 

You may be thinking, instead, of bringing it ashore.  Also at Shepards Marina, we have great value winter storage.  Our dry sailing packages feature either an unlimited or a 6 lift and relaunch minimum that could see you through next year’s summer as well.  You’ll need a trailer for all services, though, so if you haven’t got one of those, or if you boat is heavier than 6 tonnes, we’ve still got you covered at Kingston Boatyard.

Kingston Boatyard is located on the other side of the river in East Cowes and has a hoist which can handle boats up to 30 tonnes.  When we take your boat out of the river we can put it on blocks in the boatyard or put it on a trailer for you to whisk it away to your preferred location.  But before either of those things happen, we can give it a power wash or, if it needs it, a scrub to get rid of the really stubborn stuff.

As a working boatyard we can offer more than just a wash and scrub, however.  We can do a full prep and apply antifoul in an environmentally friendly way, replace standard anodes along with hull repairs and full hull polishes.  We also have onsite businesses that can look at your outboards and inboards, sails and RIBs.  In addition, we have an approved contractor list to give you an estimate on the more involved work you need done.

Finally, both Shepards Marina and Kingston Boatyard benefit from 24/7 14 camera CCTV systems along with security gate entry so there really is no reason not to check out our services and see if they are right for you. 

P.S. If you are thinking of bringing your boat ashore and keeping it at Kingston Boatyard, you’ll get 7 days free if you bring it in before the end of October.

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Shepards Marina: 01983 297821
Kingston Boatyard: 01983 299385

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