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September 2021 eNewsletter

September 2021 eNewsletter

06 September 2021
It has been a busy month for Cowes and CHC. We had the success of Cowes Week and other high profile, successful yachting and powerboating events but we also had our Annual Meeting.

It was a shame that we had to move the Annual Meeting online at short notice due to the escalating numbers of COVID-19 cases on the Island. Despite this, approx. 70 people joined us for the meeting, which is in line with the number of people that attended in previous years when the meetings were held in person.

David Riley, CHC Board Chairman and I were pleased to report CHC’s activities for 2020. Despite being a year severely affected by COVID-19, our financial results were still positive (although down on previous years) and we continued to invest in harbour improvements. For further information, click on the image to see the main points of our results.

August is always a busy month in Cowes but this year we saw many new boat owners and people enjoying the water. We therefore felt it was important to run a safety awareness campaign during the month to highlight the need to use proper safety equipment and only to swim in designated areas.

Looking ahead, with many people choosing to visit the island as the trend for staycations continues, it looks like September is also going to be a busy month. We therefore look forward to supporting everyone that decides to take their journey to the island by boat or makes use of the water during their stay.

Gary Hall
Chief Executive - Cowes Harbour Commission

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