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4th July 2015 Newsletter

4th July 2015 Newsletter

07 July 2015
"As reported in our lead story, we are fully aware of stakeholder concerns over changes in the tidal regime and potential changes to the sediment regime that have been raised through our stakeholder advisory representatives," writes Capt Stuart McIntosh. "We believe all these issues to be extremely important and considerable work has been undertaken, and is still ongoing, in order to explain and if possible mitigate the changes.

"We remain committed to making the best decision in the interests of all stakeholders and I would like to take the opportunity to thank stakeholders, especially the Advisory Committee, for their input and assistance in our recent and comprehensive "special project review".

"I am pleased to report that CHC's Commissioners have taken the decision to proceed with the 2015 breakwater works, whilst fully recognising the ongoing need to review any changes to the overall scheme with the new hydrodynamic model under construction, once it has been fully calibrated and verified. Further studies will continue with our consultants ABPmer and Atkins, as has been the case throughout the long development of the Cowes Breakwater Project, and the Advisory Committee will continue to play a vital role in stakeholder consultation."

4th July 2015 CHC Newsletter

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