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3rd March 2021 CHC Newsletter

3rd March 2021 CHC Newsletter

03 March 2021
"I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our readers in this, the beginning of my second month with Cowes Harbour Commission," writes Gary Hall. "During the past four weeks I have been busy meeting the team, getting to know the four CHC sites and what the Harbour Commission is responsible for, and meeting each of the Commissioners individually. My time now, as much as possible, is being spent in meeting stakeholders and this will continue for a good while going forward.

"Stuart McIntosh officially retired from CHC last Friday and is hopefully enjoying some well-earned freedom, whilst I have now taken on the post of Chief Executive and will be working closely with Harbour Master Ed Walker and the rest of the team.

"The Prime Minister has set out details of when further Covid-19 restrictions are likely to be eased across England, and it is hoped that we can look forward to a promising season ahead when we can go yachting again and get out and enjoy ourselves on this wonderful Island that I now call my home.

"I believe CHC must continue to be forward-looking and over time I will be focusing on developing thoughts and plans for the Harbour Commission’s long-term future. I hope you find the rest of this newsletter interesting, and I wish you all a safe month."

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