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27th January 2021 CHC Newsletter

27th January 2021 CHC Newsletter

27 January 2021
"Today sees the start of this year’s recruitment programme where we hope to attract new members to the CHC Board," writes Capt. Stuart McIntosh. "Each Commissioner appointment is made after an open competitive selection process based on the agreed skills and experience requirements. Conservation has always been important and as harbour authority CHC must have due regard to the environment in every aspect of our business and its activities. In this day and age, we are keen to increase the priority level and visibility of our environmental work and now look to push this forward and see what we can do better, helped by the appointment of a Commissioner to promote the sustainability and conservation portfolio through their interest and experience. Our Advisory Committee have also been raising awareness of the sustainability and conservation agenda at their members’ meetings. As you may know, the Isle of Wight is proud to have been a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 2019 and there is already a strong tradition on the Island of positive environmental action with numerous projects and initiatives.

"I would also like to draw your attention to next week’s big changes at CHC, where we will be welcoming Gary Hall to join the CHC team as our future CEO and when Deputy Harbour Master Ed Walker will take over from me as Harbour Master for Cowes. I wish them both great success and enjoyment in their new posts and I look forward to assisting where appropriate with the smooth transfer of responsibilities and duties."

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