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Local Notices to Mariners
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Cowes Harbour Handbook
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Welcome to Cowes Harbour Commission

Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) is the statutory harbour authority for Cowes Harbour on the Isle of Wight. The Commission's vision, strategic objectives and guiding policies for the future of Cowes Harbour are set out in our Strategic Plan 2016-2021: Mid-Term Review 2019.

CHC's area of jurisdiction commences from the Prince Consort north cardinal buoy in the Outer Harbour and extends south down the River Medina to the Folly. Our mission is to ensure that the harbour is a safe place for leisure and work.

Cowes Harbour is a key economic driver and gateway to the Island. Ferries and commercial ships enter the harbour 24/7 and carry approximately three million passengers, plus freight and coaches, and bulk shipping import and export goods for the Island. 

Yachting, power boating and the marine services sector also create local jobs and contribute in excess of £25 million to the local economy in Cowes and the Medina Valley. 

Via this Harbour Commission website, we aim to provide all of our stakeholders, local residents, visitors, and commercial harbour users with a professional and user-friendly resource to share information on our statutory, commercial and community activities.

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