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Solent Racing Marks, yacht racing in the Solent, off the Isle of Wight

Solent Racing Marks

The Solent Cruising and Racing Association (SCRA) publishes a list of some 150 of the main racing marks in the Solent area. The 2017 racing mark codes and symbols lists are now available, see below.

Each mark is described by a code containing just two characters - one digit and one letter, or two digits. The list is recommended to all clubs and race organisers for use especially when courses are given on the radio, saving air time as the code can be used instead of the name.

The SCRA list shows marks that are intended to be used for any suitable race. There are other local marks in the Solent, e.g. off Lymington and Yarmouth, Portsmouth and Bembridge, Cowes and Gurnard. These are intended for local use only. In most cases, the local clubs or associations who lay them do not want them used by ‘all and sundry’ and are grateful for that to be respected.

The whole area has been divided into 9 zones, numbered 1 to 6 from west to east, plus Zone 7 for Southampton Water and Zones 8 and 9 for “specials.” The zones are:

Zone 1 Western Approaches to the Solent
Zone 2 West Solent
Zone 3 Mid-Solent (Western part)
Zone 4 Mid-Solent (Eastern part)
Zone 5 East Solent
Zone 6 Eastern Approaches to the Solent
Zone 7 Southampton Water
Zones 8 and 9 Laid Marks and Local Marks

Each buoy within a Zone has a letter or number to identify it. The unique designation for each mark is made up of the Zone number plus the buoy letter or number.

Solent Racing Mark Changes 2017

Solent Mark Codes 2017 - In Zones

• Solent Buoy Racer 2017 - To be published by Easter in the Cowes Harbour Handbook 2017-18

GPS-friendly version of Marks list: The 2017 marks list is also available in GPX format on the SCRA website.

2017 race mark buoys repainted and ready for the new season at Kingston Marine Services
2017 race mark buoys repainted and ready for the new season at Kingston Marine Services

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