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Package Offers at Cowes Harbour Services Boatyard

Package Offers

The Cowes Harbour Services Boatyard is the place to come ashore for a winter's refit, a quick mid-season scrub or something in between; our seasonal package offers mean that almost everyone can get what they need at a great price. 

If you can't fit in with our package offers, don't worry, check our great value standard Tariffs. Don't forget to be in touch if we can pre-order your paint or stores in the Chandlery.

Winter Storage Savings Calendar 2018-2019:

Come ashore between the dates below, stay until 29th March 2019 and receive FREE weeks of storage:
3rd - 14th September 2018 4 weeks free 
17th September - 5th October 2018 2 weeks free 
8th October - 9th November 201810 days free 
12th November - 7th December 20181 week free

Mid Season Scrubs 2018:

Boat Size Rates: 25th June - 30th November 2018
Up to 8m £105.00
Up to 9.5m£126.00
Up to 12m£143.00
Up to 13.5m£157.00
Up to 15m£165.00
Up to 18m£202.00
Maximum wash-off time in hoist is 45 minutes. Maximum 1/2 hr extra time in slings at £52.50; thereafter, booking changes to 'Lift & Hold' tariff.

Spruce Up Specials 2018:
Lift, Wash and Relaunch with 48hrs Ashore

Boat Size Rates: 8th May - 26th September 2018
Up to 7.5m
Up to 9m £228.00
Up to 10.5m£266.00
Up to 12m£312.00
Up to 13.5m£354.00
Up to 15m£417.0
Electricity (if required) one-off charge £5.50 for 48hrs. Special offers can be extended to 7 days total stay; standard daily storage fees and a £1.00 per day electricity charge will be added. Vessels outside offer will be subject to normal lift, storage and launch fees.

Please note: A 25% administration fee will be applied to any Package Offer booking cancelled within seven days of the appointment and 10% for any that are changed.

See our Schedule of Charges for more information.

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