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Management Structure for Cowes Harbour Commission

Management Structure

Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) employs 27 full time and three part-time permanent staff. The core team is supported by a number of additional seasonal staff during the summer months. 

The Harbour Master/Chief Executive, Captain Stuart McIntosh, maintains overall responsibility for the organisation delegating the majority of the day-to-day operation to the appropriate manager.

Following the departure of Rod Hodgson from CHC in December 2016, Assistant Harbour Master Jon Kidd was appointed to the position of Deputy Harbour Master in April 2017. Jon is responsible for the day-to-day operation of all CHC’s statutory duties, including compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code. He is the appointed Port Safety and Port Security Officer and acts as the principal marine Pilot. Jon is also responsible for the management of Cowes Harbour Fuels and assists the other commercial site managers with operations at Kingston Wharf, Shepards Wharf Marina, and Cowes Harbour Moorings.

In May 2017, Ed Walker was appointed as the new Assistant Harbour Master, providing support to the Harbour Master and his Deputy. Ed will assist with an array of statutory responsibilities, including port safety management, safety training for the harbour teams, as well as providing an additional authorised pilotage resource for the Cowes Pilotage Area.
The Marine Services Manager, Barney Sollars, is responsible for the management of Kingston Wharf, which includes Kingston Marine Boatyard and Kingston Marine Services. Barney is supported by two Team Leaders, Jon Lucas (Boatyard) and Darren Gough (Marine), five Port Operatives, plus an Administrator/Receptionist.

The Marina and Moorings Manager, Jock Rafferty, is responsible for the management of Shepards Wharf Marina, The Sugar Store Events Centre, and Cowes Harbour Moorings. Jock is supported by a Supervisor, Berthing Masters, Harbour Patrol Officers, Port Operatives, and up to five seasonal staff, plus Administrators and Receptionists.

Finance Officer Theresa Dunford is responsible for the day-to-day accounting and financial management and preparation of monthly accounts; she reports directly to the Chief Executive. Theresa also has line management responsibilities for the administration staff at all three of CHC’s sites. The Communications and Marketing Officer, Louisa Mamakou, is responsible for all stakeholder and media communications, as well as the marketing of CHC’s commercial marine services.

The Estuaries Officer, Sue Hawley, who reports to the Chief Executive, works for the Isle of Wight Estuaries Project, a partnership between CHC, Environment Agency, Isle of Wight Council, Natural England, and Yarmouth Harbour Commission.

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